Darryl Denicola Discusses Tips for Traveling with Children

darryl denicoleAs someone who has traveled the world extensively and now dedicates his time to sharing the values of travel with others, Darryl Denicola is here to share some advice with parents who are planning to take a trip with their kids.

Darryl Denicola believes that traveling is one of the best ways to open one’s mind and gain a well-rounded life experience. This isn’t only the case for adults. Travel can also have a very beneficial impact on children who are fortunate enough to explore the world at a young age.

Darryl Denicola has personally seen how children can mature and grow from their travel experiences, not to mention the close bonds that are forged between parents and their kids on these getaways.

But Darryl Denicola also understands that traveling with kids can be much different than when parents travel alone. While having children along for the trip adds more responsibility to the parents’ plate, it certainly doesn’t have to hinder the vacation whatsoever.

To help drive this point home, Darryl Denicola is here to discuss some tips for traveling with children.

Pack Snacks: When kids get hungry, they tend to get grumpy. Typically when traveling there is a different cuisine available than what kids are used to at home. But parents who pack some of their child’s favorite snacks for the trip will be happy they did because it can be a quick and easy way to cheer up a kid who is getting hungry and cranky. Try leaving the sugary stuff at home though so that your child isn’t bouncing off the walls or overcome with energy in a tight space like an airplane.

Sit Near Bathroom on Flight: A child’s bladder can be unpredictable so choosing a seat for your flight that is close to the bathroom on the plane is a wise move.

Bring Entertainment: The exploring you do during your travels should help keep kids entertained while you’re on your trip, but during the flight and other periods of waiting you’ll want to have some sort of entertainment like a tablet or games packed for the kids.

Fly Early: Early morning flights are typically less crowded and potentially cheaper. Taking a flight early in the morning might also mean your child is more likely to take a nap while in the air.

Bring a Nanny: Many couples opt to bring a nanny or some other form of child care help with them on their trip. If it fits in the budget, it’s not a bad idea to bring someone along who can help with the kids while mom and dad take part in some adult activities.

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